Artigo publicado: Stigma, Culture, and HIV and AIDS

Título: Stigma, Culture, and HIV and AIDS in the Western Cape, South Africa: An Application of the PEN-3 Cultural Model for Community-Based Research

Autores: Collins Airhihenbuwa, Titilayo Okoror, Tammy Shefer, Darigg Brown, Juliet Iwelunmor, Ed Smith, Mohamed Adam, Leickness Simbayi, Nompumelelo Zungu, Regina Dlakulu, and Olive Shisana

Periódico: Journal of Black Psychology, 2009,35,407-432

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Artigo publicado: When Race Matters

Título: When Race Matters: Racially Stigmatized Others and Perceiving Race as a Biological Construction Affect Biracial People’s Daily Well-Being

Autores: Diana T. Sanchez and Julie A. Garcia

Periódico: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2009;35 1154-1164

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Artigo publicado: Neuroscience of Stigma and Stereotype Threat

Título: The Neuroscience of Stigma and Stereotype Threat

Autores: Belle Derks, Michael Inzlicht e Sonia Kang

Periódico: Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 11, 163-181, 2008

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