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Artigo publicado: psychology of the belief in a just world

Título: On the Psychology of the Belief in a Just World: Exploring Experiential and Rationalistic Paths to Victim Blaming Autores: Kees van den Bos and Marjolein Maas Periódico: Pers Soc Psychol Bull 2009;35 1567-1578 Resumo: clique aqui para obter

Foto do dia: 花の少女 (people of the world)

花の少女, originally uploaded by confusao.

Foto do dia: tribes of kenia (people of the world)

tribes of kenia, originally uploaded by retlaw snellac.

Foto do dia:jeune fille shans myanmar (people of the world)

jeune fille shans myanmar, originally uploaded by celedena.

Foto do dia: bukitinggi kids (people of the world)

bukitinggi kids, originally uploaded by celedena.

Foto do dia: Now Then, Now Then (people of the world)

Now Then, Now Then , originally uploaded by Jab1983.

Foto do dia: Aroosak (people of the world)

Aroosak, originally uploaded by dynamosquito.

Foto do dia: hula dancers手叉腰 (people of the world)

hula dancers手叉腰, originally uploaded by bwPingu.

Foto do dia: Are You Being Served? (people of the world)

Are You Being Served?, originally uploaded by * Hazman Zie *.

Foto do dia: Golden Girls (people of the world)

Golden Girls, originally uploaded by Caroline Kross.

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